New in store and back in store :D

We have a new Collection of *Back Piece* paintings in store!

Three 35x50 cm poster, with two different background colors (Teal Blue and Berry Red)

You can buy the whole collection or single prints.

Each design comes with a famous quote

"Once he hears to his heart's content, sails on a wiser man" on Sirens and Sailship, comes fromThe Odyssey by Homer

"When I soar to worlds unknown, see thee on Thy judgement throne" on Rock of Ages, and it comes from the christian hymn "Rock of Ages" by the Reverend Toplady

"Endure and persist; This pain will turn to good by and by" on Made To Hold, is by Ovid.

And the TRIBUTE COLLECTION is Back In Store

Four prints dedicated to the Masters of Traditional Tattooing

Sailor Jerry - Bert Grimm - Amund Dietzel and Ben Corday

Painted by Simonetta BrigantiCheck her works on IG: simonettabriganti or FB : Simonetta Briganti


Samuele Briganti